Despite the fact that the first measures of de-escalation and unconfinement have already started this weekend, we are still millions of Spaniards who are still “locked” inside our homes. However, there are still some sectors that remain at the foot of the canyon to protect us and supply us in these moments of crisis, among which we wanted to highlight on this occasion, telecommunications.

And is that now more than ever, computers and the Internet have become the central axis of our lives social, labor and leisure in general, reaching in many cases and countries in Europe, saturating local lines and networks. Luckily, in Spain we have not only not had these problems, but we can even be proud of having remained at levels below any possible saturation.

The reason? It is none other than one of the most extensive infrastructures in the European territory, which in addition to high quality, offers us an ever more extensive coverage. Although there are not a few of us who have heard the phrase: “Sorry, there is no coverage in your area, we cannot install our fiber optics”, or the fact that despite the fact that the neighbor on the next street may contract the entire section of speeds and fiber optics, we can only offer packages and minor coverage.

Something that Adamo Telecom wants to correct at all costs, opting for a financing commitment of up to 250 million euros, which will allow it to continue expanding its fiber optic network in progress to cover the maximum national terrain, including the rural areas of the “empty Spain”.

But not only that, but also maintains the commitment of a trustworthy service, closer, and with the best possible connection quality, with speeds of up to 1,000 MB per second, real and tested. So if they offer me fiber on demand and the best connection, it will be expensive, right? Not at all.

In fact, and in order to combat the current distancing, Adamo has just announced a special offer for May, in which all your options with this 1,000 Mbps high-speed fiber optic will be available for just 10 euros a month during the first three months, including free registration and installation of the 5G WiFi router.

So, in Adamo we will be able to find all these fiber optic offers, with the possibility of contracting only Internet services, without the need to contract any other additional service attached. Although we will also have the possibility of also adding the landline, and even make the complete leap to the company, highlighting the fiber and mobile offers, which maintaining this offer of 10 euros of monthly fee, will also add the line of mobile phone, with unlimited calls and up to 20 GB of data when roaming.

If you are not happy with the current service that your company is offering you, or if you think that you may be one of those affected by the possible selective speed drop, you can always check and verify the true Internet connection speed that they are currently offering you. , and put it in balance with 1,000 Mb per second and Adamo’s fiber optic prices and offers.

More about Adamo: The optical fiber that reaches wherever you are

With more than 15 years of experience in the sector, Adamo was the first operator in Spain to offer 1,000 Mbps fiber services with a unique deployment model through agreements with local partners such as ING or BBVA. And it is that its strategy has always focused on local potential, with the maximum objective of deploying its network in rural areas where there is practically no access to high-speed Internet and where other operators often do not arrive (without neglecting large urban areas either).

Currently, Adamo has its own coverage in Catalonia, Madrid, Valencia, Seville, Cantabria, Navarra, Castilla La Mancha, Castilla y León, Extremadura, La Rioja and Lugo, continuing with rapid expansion.


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