During this quarantine, television and other devices have become loyal friends. In this new situation in which practically everyone is immersed, there are two types of people: those who take advantage to subscribe to all streaming platforms and are enjoying the entire catalog, and those that have been subscribed for a long time and these days at home have made them have already seen everything worthwhile.

For this second group, a good solution is to be able to access the streaming services of Netflix or HBO from other countries, where the catalog is different from that of our country. If you want to know how to do it, the key is to have a VPN connection that gives us access.

VPNs have become popular in recent years. They are really useful if we travel to other countries and we need to access content from our country or even where connecting to a local network is more complicated. for political reasons.

The second most widespread use that is being given to VPNs is to access streaming platforms from other countries. The best example is Disney +. Before I got to Spain, many people couldn’t wait for series like The Mandalorian arrived in our country and hired VPN services to see it in its United States edition.

When hiring a VPN service, there are many companies, but it is important to go to one that is trustworthy. On this occasion we have tested CyberGhost, with more than 35 million users every day and which, in addition, now has promotions to make it even cheaper to hire it.

CyberGhost has more than 35 million users a day worldwide.

CyberGhost is one of the largest VPN service companies in the world. Present in more than 90 countries, it has more than 5,900 servers distributed around the world. One of its advantages is that it is compatible with practically any Operating System, not only Windows or Mac but also Android, Android TV, Chrome, Linux.

When using it, CyberGhost offers a secure connection if we want, for example, to access games blocked by geolocation in our country. But also we can also access a series of advantages related to electronic commerce. Most websites, when using prices oriented to the interests of each country, offer the possibility of buying hotel rooms or tickets at a cheaper price than accessing from an IP in our country.

Security, a key aspect of VPNs

Surfing the Internet is generally safe, but sometimes it can carry some risk. In addition to having a good password system and have the equipment updated To avoid information leaks, using a VPN helps to further secure our browsing.

Traditionally, VPNs reduce connection speed, but CyberGhost keeps it from decreasing while improving security.

CyberGhost has the necessary security tools to protect our digital identity, such as a no registration policy, an AES 256 encryption (one of the most secure algorithms used by the NSA), kill-switch and OpenVPN and WireGuard security protocols.

While we are on the Internet, in a cafe or at the airport, CyberGhost also hides our IP address, safeguarding bank transactions and eliminating any risk associated with connecting to a public WiFi network. In relation to this last point, practically all experts advise against connecting to a public network due to its high vulnerability. Using a CyberGhost VPN connection we can prevent fraud and malware attacks.

Another of the positive aspects of CyberGhost is that does not reduce the speed of navigation, as it happens with other VPNs. This aspect penalizes a lot if for example we want to see a content in streaming, where the loading speed is very important.

Finally, CyberGhost has also made available to all users in this quarantine period, a series of promotions as discounts of up to 79% in the annual fee (2.75 euros per month for 18 months). The payment process is also very simple since it accepts all types of cards from PayPal, through payment in bitcoins. And if after the purchase process you are not completely satisfied, CyberGhost also offers the possibility of returning your money within 45 days.

If you want to know more or contract CyberGhost’s VPN services, you can do it here.


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