The thing about running Microsoft Office on Linux is still an experiment until Microsoft consider convenient for your interests support the office suite on the free system. Since the mountain does not come to Muhammad, third-party developers keep trying.

Microsoft is in the process of “falling in love” with Linux and there are many examples of rapprochement in recent years. Practically since Satya Nadella came to the head of the executive. But it should not be forgotten that it is a listed company and also, the global giant of proprietary software. Hence each of Microsoft’s moves against Linux has responded to a specific and self-interest, which also involves Open Source, an unstoppable movement in the development of global software that hurts those who are not well positioned.

There is no technical reason so there is no Microsoft Office on Linux. The Redmond firm has hundreds of engineers specialized in the free system and considering that the future of the suite clearly passes through the online version Office 365, its implementation would be extremely simple (for them).

Simply, Microsoft doesn’t want Linux so much as to provide it with its flagship software and, perhaps, boost it by subtracting users from Windows. Although the industry offers alternatives (leftover for most users), Office is a de facto standard and its use is massive especially in companies and organizations and versions like Office 365 have achieved tens of millions of subscribers since its launch.

Microsoft Office on Linux

For years the productivity suite can be run on Linux using Wine and the official basic version, Office Web, works on any system. The launch of the Linux Subsystem for Windows facilitates versions such as GNOME over WSL and the Cloud blurs the use of operating systems to run applications.

However, the experience is far from what a native application offers, well supported and optimized, like Windows. That is why the vast majority of Linux users use alternatives as good as the free and free suite like Libre Office or cloud developments like Google G Suite / Docs.

Despite this, we get a new experiment from an external developer who claims to have managed to run Office on Ubuntu 20.04 without using the means used so far. “It is not WINE, remote systems / cloud or GNOME in WSL”, he clarifies.

Word on Ubuntu 20.04. Very usable on an i5-6300U with just integrated graphics. It is not WINE, remote / cloud, or GNOME on WSL. It is something else I put together. Next, I plan to add working file associations.

– Hayden Barnes (@unixterminal) April 30, 2020

Although he has not facilitated the process while waiting to “refine the experience,” he explains that Office runs in a container Linux. Containers are a widely used concept lately and for example Microsoft itself will use it to run Win32 applications on Windows 10X.

Hayden Barnes, who is called the developer, says that Word and Excel are “very usable” under his method. We will wait for more information. I think I’ll continue with Libre Office on Linux … And you? What do you think? Are you interested in a Microsoft Office in Linux?

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