Ready for a new Disney Plus live action? Whether you are or not, apparently the company will not stop at what is undoubtedly a review of each of its animated classics, reversed for a new generation of fans. This time, we will return to Prydain, thanks to a possible project of a reboot of the classic Taron and the magic cauldron.

The 25th movie of the studio’s animated classics and that, at the time, it was not as successful as other Disney projects.

Taron and the Magic Cauldron is the latest film in the Disney catalog to achieve a reboot in live action, joining Atlantis, Hercules and The Snow Queen, all in development and within a possible production schedule and premieres that will extends to the next two years. While no details are available for Atlantis, Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo will be producing Hercules with Shang-Chi and Dave Callaham (Legend of the Ten Rings) writing the script.

Oddly enough, with the exception of Hercules, all the new productions on the studio’s agenda respond to a specific characteristic: They were minor successes or they were not a real success at the box office. The foregoing suggests that perhaps Disney plans a collection of classics without the impact of its most famous films in an attempt to sidestep the harsh months following the revival of film screenings, which are expected to be complicated due to the closure of distribution circuits. and the low influx of public to the rooms. A phenomenon that could extend at least half a decade after quarantine has ended.

Taron and the magic cauldron: success without much investment

The rumor about Taron and the magic cauldron spread by writer Daniel Ritchman reinforces the hypothesis, indicating that Disney is perhaps preparing for the post-pandemic season with a series of minor releases. This could suggest that the company would dedicate part of its effort to keeping interest in its productions alive without running the box office or projection risks in the midst of an uncertain market. After the obligatory break in show business due to the health emergency of the coronavirus, everything seems to indicate that most of the studies They are thoroughly studying a strategy that allows them to survive the first months of reactivation.

Ritchman did not clarify whether the future project would actually be a movie, though presumably it will be after the studio’s latest blockbusters. With no casting or date for the start of production, the rumor points to the immediate steps Disney will take to face the uncertain scenario that Hollywood will go through. Nonetheless, the choice of Taron and the Magic Cauldron is an obvious sign that the company is exploring ways to pick up momentum without suffering significant losses, so the future premiere is likely to be part of a larger plan to incorporate small productions. in the release calendar.

The story behind the cauldron

Launched in 1985, Taron and the Magic Cauldron accumulates a stumbling story before its film premiere.

Directed by Ted Berman and Richard Rich, It was a box office failure and marked a milestone within a very unproductive and creative time of the company. Despite its careful aesthetics and innovations – it was the first film from the studio to include computer-generated images – the production made it clear that the company needed a new boost on screen and also rethink the essentials of the company’s animation division. .

Loosely based on the first two books in Lloyd Alexander’s The Chronicles of Prydain, the story contains substantial elements of Welsh mythology that the adaptation attempted to simplify for consumption by a broader audience. What provoked criticism and rejection from fans of the literary version.

The five-book series was published between 1964 and 1968 and won the 1966 Newberry Honor and the 1969 Newbery Medal. The film focuses on Taran, a young pig farmer who along with Princess Eilonwy, the Bard Fflewddur Fflam and the Wild creature Gurgi will fight to destroy the black cauldron before the Horned King can take over the magic artifact.

However, whether it was due to the poor combination of traditional and digital animation or the low quality of its script, the movie turned into a box office meltdown, it was not even covering the cost of production. With a budget of between 25 and 44 million dollars (a considerable sum for the time), the film grossed just 21.3 million, which was a considerable blow to the animation division of the company, and to the internal structure of its cinematographic section.

VHS would save everything

Poor performance led Disney to even reconsider your home video release and it did not do so until ’98, when almost spontaneously it became a cult classic.

The late success turned Taron and the magic cauldron into a curious classic with considerable repercussion at the domestic level: his version for the video market surpassed the best releases of the company (even for a few months the famous Little Mermaid) and then turned the film in one of the views on the company’s television channel.

The strange phenomenon could explain his selection for the next productions to be carried out, which will join a series of other Live Action remakes of considerable repercussion at the box office. If you want to enjoy the movie right now, you can find it in the Disney Plus catalog.


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