When we talk about the high-end premium of smartphones, the most normal thing is that a name like Apple or Samsung comes to mind. However, we are seeing more and more brands, generally coming from the Chinese market, that have started to scale up little by little to not only leave behind that stigma of “low quality”, but even to offer us high-quality terminals such as the Oppo Find X2 Pro.

And it is that despite being one of the last brands to land in our country, Oppo has shown great value on its phones with some general technical sections and its really good cameras, which now culminate in a terminal that the definition of “Premium” stands for letter by letter.

Specifications Oppo Find X2 Pro

Operating system: Android 10 with Color OS 7.1 skin
screen: 6.7-inch AMOLED with QHD + resolution, 20: 9 format, and refresh rates up to 120 Hz
Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 865
Memory: 12GB of LPDDR5 RAM
Storage: 512 GB of internal free space
Frontal camera: Simple setup with a 32 megapixel lens
Rear camera: Triple configuration with a 48-megapixel main sensor, 48-megapixel wide angle, and a 13-megapixel telephoto lens (5x optical and 60x digital)
Connectivity: WiFi 6, 5G, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, NFC
Drums: 4,260 mAh with 65W SuperVOOC fast charge
Others: Fingerprint reader under screen, IP68 resistance
Dimensions: 165.2 x 74.4 x 8.8 mm
Weight: 207 grams

The first thing that strikes us about this phone is its new aesthetic line. And is that instead of continuing with the innovative (although somewhat strange) aspect of its previous generation, the Oppo Find X2 Pro opts for one more style in line with the rest of premium high-end smartphones from other manufacturers, with a FullView display without a notch and a perforated camera, and a rear camera configuration distributed in vertical format.

On this occasion we have had the opportunity to test the model with vegan leather finish, so instead of the classic back cover with ceramic finishes and reflective effects, we find a rough surface and very pleasant to the touch, and a small metal plate in which the brand logo stands out. In general, a much more refined finish that, combining salmon orange and gold colors, provides a not only premium aesthetic, but even luxurious pretenses.

Despite everything, much of the leading role is carried by the cameras themselves, which in addition to containing the three main lenses, includes a double LED flash. This module stands out a lot so when we have the terminal on a flat surface and face up, when interacting in the upper left area there is some rocking of the terminal.

Finally, it should be noted that the Oppo Find X2 will not have a 3.5 mm jack port, so the connection of the headphones will depend entirely on the USB-C input or wireless connectivity. And it is that although the phone includes compatible headphones in its box, this type of differentiation from high-end terminals still does not convince us, where practically always the disappearance of the current plugs is chosen.

A large size carries a great responsibility

So, in addition to an excellent technical and exterior section, one of the greatest virtues of the Oppo Find X2 Pro is its screen, with a 6.7-inch AMOLED panel with impressive 120 Hz refresh rates and resolutions up to 3,168 x 1,440 pixels. And it is that although the phone is focused on covering the widest spectrum of uses, its capabilities within leisure and the reproduction of multimedia content establish it as one of the best options currently available on the market.

To this combination of 120 Hz and maximum resolution are added other great incentives such as the 8 + 2-bit color depth (up to 1.07 billion colors), a 100% coverage of the P3 color gamut, or the really high capacity recognition and touch speed up to 240 Hz, well above other top-of-the-range terminals, and in line with smartphones designed specifically for gaming.

Although as we said, this does not limit the use of the phone to these activities, since we will have an extensive customization section in your screen settings, with which we can set the resolution in more measured values ​​such as FHD + or QHD +, and even limit the use of 120 Hz to certain applications, thus allowing us to greatly save battery consumption.

In addition, the Oppo Find X2 Pro has always-on display functions, with which we can program and customize the appearance of a small clock and a small detail with information on notifications and applications, without the need to touch the phone. Finally, and another of the terminal’s strong points, resides in the integrated fingerprint reader under the screen, which in addition to a fast and very precise identification, will also have an «allways on» function that will allow us to unlock the phone directly with the screen off.

Fulfilling a favorite: photography

Turning thus to the experience and use of cameras, we find two small details that have caught our attention: the presence of just three lenses and a 48-megapixel main sensor, in line with many of the mid-range terminals presented in recent months. However, and like the surprising case of the 12 megapixel iPhone 11, the Oppo Find X2 Pro manages to far exceed expectations with its final results.

This is accomplished through customization and support of the Sony IMX689 sensor, accompanied by technologies such as the omni-directional PDAF, a dual native ISO, the 12-bit True Capture system, HDR enhancements, an OIS optical stabilizer, and an EIS electronic image stabilizer, plus of the artificial intelligence enhancement modes themselves and the special capture modes themselves.

Using the main camera in automatic mode, the Oppo Find X2 Pro demonstrates speed, wide dynamic range, and correct color reproduction. Sharpness is well achieved, with little noise or excessive processing. If we choose shooting at 48 MP resolution, the excellent sensations are maintained while we greatly improve the level of detail in the photos when making cutouts.

Using the basic mode of the camera, we can take quite good snapshots, with zoom magnifications up to 2x in normal conditions, and 5x for shots with good general lighting. But also, as long as conditions allow it, thanks to its telephoto lens, we will have a hybrid zoom of up to 10x, being able to enlarge the final captures up to 60x digitally.

However, the latter will depend a lot on the captures we make, demanding greater precision and stability during the taking of the photographs, and showing notably less successful results under some less than optimal conditions such as night photography or at low light intensity. Something that we can easily correct using the phone’s own night mode, where again we will find a great dependence on stability to achieve good captures.

Another of the recurring and preferred by users is the portrait mode, which without including a dedicated dedicated sensor, offers us really good results in terms of blurring the background of the scene, even being able to adjust the bokeh effect itself after capturing. But without a doubt the most important thing is that we can use this mode in both main and front cameras, so we can use it to improve our selfies, obtaining a higher level of detail for faces.

Finally, although the Oppo Find X2 Pro does not have a macro option visible in the application, this capture mode will automatically activate when we bring the phone close to our target, allowing results and captures of great detail at distances of up to approximately 2 or 3 centimeters.

As for video recording, we also find a fairly complete assortment of options, and very good results. And it is that as we were commenting at the beginning of this section, we will have several improvement tools including a capture mode that takes advantage of the 48 megapixels, HDR settings, color enhancement through Artificial Intelligence, and even less common video options such as slow motion at 1080p, or top-quality recording at 4K and 60fps.

Color OS keeps pulling colors out of us

Despite being a fairly unobtrusive Android mask, Oppo’s operating system is undoubtedly its weakest point. And it is that although in general the Oppo Find X2 Pro performs quite well and smoothly in practically all situations, it’s not difficult for us to see some small mistakes that will cause us to sometimes close some basic applications such as the camera, and even the sudden deconfiguration of our WiFi network. However, these errors, while present, are quite rare and do not lead to major operational problems.

Something that we could comment on its optimization, which as we have seen in other terminals of the company, still has room for improvement. It never ceases to amaze us that, with a 4,260 mAh battery, there have been several occasions in which, giving intensive use to the phone, we have had to resort to charging it before reaching 24 hours. And is that although the powerful fast charge allows us to “get back into the ring” in just a few minutes, this still leaves us with a little bittersweet flavor.

And it is that for many and very good points that the Oppo Find X2 Pro has, my favorite is still your 65 watt SuperVOOC charger. There is no greater satisfaction than being able to plug in your phone and see how, in real time, the percentage of the battery rises in seconds, capable of filling 50% of the battery in just over 10 minutes, and the total charge is complete. in just 30 minutes.

However, the general lines the phone has somewhat fair autonomy, which under the factory settings and configurations, allowed us to easily endure about 20 hours of normal use until exhaustion (with messaging applications and social networks, but without games or series). Although if we choose to always keep the screen refresh rate of 120 Hz active, and especially when we play optimized content or games, we will notice a good drop, still holding easily between approximately 10 and 15 hours.

Currently we can already find the Oppo Find X2 Pro available in our country, through various authorized distributors through the official website of the brand, and at a price of 1199.90 euros for black and glass finish. Unfortunately, at the moment the vegan leather version analyzed on this website is not available, although it is expected that it will come under a slightly higher price.

Final assessment


In general, the Oppo Find X2 Pro enters as a very interesting contender for the premium high-end, with a design and finishes of great quality that are nothing more than the reflection of its impeccable performance. And is that really the only downside that we could get out of this phone is its high price, which we will really be pleasantly compensated.

Design and build9.5


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