A little girl Has got circumvent parental control on your iPhone to spend more time watching YouTube. This was reported by a Reddit user, who commented that his eight-year-old sister discovered a way to skipping the time limit set by their parents on an iPhone 6 taking advantage of a bug in the iOS 12.4.6 Messages app.

The trick in question involves open YouTube from the link to the App Store which is in the Messages. Once the time limit for using the applications has expired, the user can open Messages and touch the link to the App Store. From there it will be enough to type the name of the app that we want to use – in this case, YouTube – and open it from there.

This person has managed to reproduce the bug on an iPhone X with iOS 13.4.1 and a video shows how it works.

I saw that my 8-year-old sister was on her iPhone 6 on iOS 12.4.6 using Youtube past her screen time limit. Turns out, she discovered a bug with screen time in messages that allows the user to use apps that are available in the iMessage App Store. So, I tried this on my iPhone X on iOS 13.4.1 Latest from r / ios

At first glance the apps of YouTube and Reddit run smoothly within Messages. When opened, the app remains in a container where videos can be searched and played. no matter if the time set in the parental control has expired. The video shows videos and stickers that can be sent in messages.

This ruling take advantage of the possibility of opening applications within Messages. Although the direct link to YouTube in the toolbar respects parental control, the App Store remains accessible. It is unknown if this trick Could be prevented by restricting iTunes and App Store. Remember that an option within “Time of use” allows adjusting additional features such as installation or removal of apps, in-app purchases and more.

Some Reddit users have suggested sending this bug to Apple to get a reward for discovering it, although the company’s program only applies to vulnerabilities that compromise the security of the device and in this case it is not.

Anyway now that it’s been made public, surely Apple will take action on the matter and will issue an update to correct the problem.

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