I still remember the first time I saw a video with 720p resolution on Youtube. Of course, those of us who come from the time of connections with a 28.8 kbps modem (well, actually even slower, to access some BBS or Ibertex) think about the possibility of watching high-definition video in real time through the Internet, because it can give us a little vertigo. Then came Full-HD 1,080p, 4K and, amazing as it may seem, we’re already talking about even higher resolutions.

This great evolution, and which undoubtedly translates into an enormous qualitative improvement in the quality with which we can enjoy video on the Internet, of course, has some secondary consequences. Today we know, from WccfTech that Youtube has decided to remove the HD tag from videos with 720p resolution and that, therefore, these will be considered as standard quality.

This change, surely, will be interpreted differently by some people and others. For example, many content creators come to mind (and perhaps especially in animation) that, with 720p videos at 6o frames per second, they may consider it unfair that their creations lose HD status, thus remaining out of the searches that users who search for this type of content can do, but who only want them in HD quality. I can think of, for example, this video:

On the other hand, there will be those who think that not only 720p should have come out of HD, but YouTube should also have removed 1.080p from that consideration, keeping it exclusively for 1,440p, 2,160p and higher. And it is true that, if we stick to the numbers, only the contents with the highest current resolutions deserve to be considered high definition.

On the other hand, these considerations are also likely to change substantially from one country to another, depending mainly on their Internet access infrastructures and, therefore, on the speed at which they are usually connected to the network. And it may seem silly, but it is possible that both users and creators of such places, see the decision made by YouTube as wrong, and continue to consider that 720p videos, even at 30 frames per second, deserve to be considered high definition.

It is true, yes, It was the chronicle of a death foretoldYouTube had been testing for this for a few months, so neither the creators nor regular users of the platform were surprised. However, they have not issued any official communication explaining the reasons why they have decided to take 720p HD. And it is a shame, because it would be interesting to know the reasoning that exists after the change.

What is your opinion? Do you think YouTube has done well removing the HD tag from 720p videos or do you think it should keep it? Are you a creator and upload content with this resolution to YouTube? And if you have seen the video that I have included in the news, is that for you or not HD?


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