After numerous leaks and several rumors that could not reach an agreement today, the arrival of Mafia: Trilogy, a pack that includes the three installments of the well-known 2K Games franchise and that will arrive on PC, Xbox One and PS4. On May 19 we will have new details.

The video that we accompany is a teaser that does not show much, but searching a little we have found Mafia: Definitive Edition in the official Microsoft store, a game that, as you may have imagined, is a remake of the original that came to PS2, Xbox and PC in 2002. It has been a surprise, although the truth is that if we think about it cold it is perfectly understandable, since 2K Games had no other option given the age of the original.

Remastering a 2002 game can help you improve certain aspects, but the basis of it will continue to be that of a game according to the limitations of that generationn known as “128-bit consoles.” A remake was the best to integrate the classic in that trilogy, and as we can see in the images the result is simply spectacular.

Mafia Trilogy: two jewels and an ugly duckling

The first two installments of the Mafia saga were very successful, of that there is no doubt. Today they remain true classics and have a considerable fan community, but the story was totally different with Mafia III. The analyzes in the specialized media were contradictory, but the community of players was, for the most part, quite clear: was not up to it.

We could talk long and hard about this version, but we already did it at the time, so it is not worth repeating. We hope, yes, that 2K Games has seized the opportunity to improve said delivery, to correct the errors it presented and to refine the optimization of the PC version, which was so disastrous that only a GTX 1080 was capable of optimally moving it in 1080p.

We do not have a release date and we do not know the requirements that this collection for PC will have, but since it is a reissue that will reach the consoles of the current generation we should be able to move it without problems with any mid-range PC equipped with a quad-core CPU, 8GB of RAM and an RX 570 or a GTX 1060.


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